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Lumumba Road drainage should be repaired

Dear editor,
I AM concerned about the dirty state in which Lusaka is. It is embarrassing to even think that this is our capital city.

I am particularly concerned about the drainage system along Lumumba Road which is almost choked with all sorts of filth. The Minister of Local Government and Housing needs to revise the Clean Zambia campaign and bring sanity to our city’s environment.
I would recommend that the minister, instead of sending his officers, takes a walk from COMESA Market up to industrial area and see for himself how dirty the drainage is.
Leaving the drainage in this state is an open invitation to cholera. We should not wait for cholera to strike for us to act when we can act to prevent it.
With this kind of filth around, I am left to wonder if we have health inspectors at Lusaka City Council.
If they are there, then they are stealing from Government because they do not deserve the salaries they draw every month.
Walking on Cairo Road, Chachacha Road, Freedom Way and indeed Lumumba Road is pathetic because of the filth there.
The relevant authorities should wake up from their slumber and clean our city and not just sit in cosy offices drinking coffee and tea at the expense of work.
Zambia should take a leaf from South Africa on how to keep the cities clean. Otherwise we have a long way to go.

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