‘Luchembe goat-breeding centre will boost livestock farming’

GOVERNMENT has established a goat-breeding centre in Mpika district in Muchinga Province at a cost of K340, 000 to promote livestock farming in the area.
The newly-established Luchembe goat-breeding centre will soon be stoked with 300 goats.

Muchinga Province livestock production officer Henry Sichone said in an interview the goat-breeding centre will help goat farmers to acquire a good breed of goats that are resistant to diseases.
“We are focusing on promoting livestock farming in Chinsali and Mpika districts. So far in Mpika, we have established the Luchembe goat-breeding centre,” Mr Sichone said.
He said the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries in the province is also conducting livestock restocking programmes in various districts in the province to improve the livestock population in the province.
Mr Sichone said in Mpika, Chinsali and Nakonde, Government has distributed 850 village chickens to the farmers while in Chinsali, 256 goats have been delivered to the area.
He said Government wants to promote livestock farming in Mpika and Chinsali because they are the only districts in the province with a small livestock population.
Mr Sichone said promoting livestock farming in the two districts will greatly help to improve the food security at household level, as well as help the people to earn a decent living.
Mr Sichone said livestock farming, if properly harnessed, has the potential to improve the economic well-being of the people in Muchinga.
Mr Sichone said Government is also training farmers in the province on how to manage their livestock to protect them from diseases.


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