Lubinda rallies support in graft fight


MINISTER of Justice Given Lubinda has called on stakeholders to present recommendations that will help curb the increasing levels of corruption in

the country.
Speaking at an ongoing seminar on the effectiveness of anti-corruption bodies in Zambia, Mr Lubinda said following the increasing number of corruption cases, Government is ready to receive recommendations from stakeholders to fight corruption.
“We should make it everyone’s duty to eliminate corruption, it is through these recommendations that ACC can help curb corruption practices,” he said.
He said Government is committed to fighting corruption in the country through the ACC which is independent from the government.
He said to fight corruption, both public and private sectors should take action by setting up units and departments to watch over what transpires in both Government and private offices.
“Fighting corruption should not focus only on the public sector, the private sector should also be involved,” he said.
And Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) president Reuben Lifuka said it is imperative that stakeholders reflect and collectively consider what they should do to strengthen the fight against corruption and good governance in the country.
He said corruption erodes people’s sense of equity and their belief in justice, undermines trust in government, business and society, and sustains both poverty and inequality.
“We have placed a premium on making political pronouncements in the fight against corruption and we have not invested enough in tackling this problem,” he said.
He said it is a pity that stakeholders wait for ACC and other corruption bodies in Zambia to fight corruption.

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