Lubinda advises Chishimba on law


MINISTER of Justice Given Lubinda says United Progressive Party (UPP) president Saviour Chishimba, who is demanding the removal of High Court judge Sunday Nkonde, must substantiate his allegations.
Mr Lubinda said it was wrong for Dr Chishimba to demand the removal of a judge without evidence.
On Saturday, Dr Chishimba warned that Zambians would take the law into their own hands if Chief Justice Ireen Mambilima failed to act on Mr Justice Sunday Nkonde for allegedly obtaining K2.5 million public funds from Tedworth Properties Incorporation.
“Dr Chishimba must be very careful with his pursuits because they will land him into problems. He must be the first person in fact to follow the dictates of the law,” Mr Lubinda said.
He said Dr Chishimba had called people corrupt in the past but that when challenged, he could not substantiate his allegations.
“If he thinks High Court judge Sunday Nkonde had committed any form of crime, he must follow the due course of the law,” he said.
Mr Lubinda said the Constitution is crafted in such a manner that it can provide ways of resolving issues instead of calling for civil disobedience to remove a judge like Dr Chishimba is demanding.
He said Dr Chishimba is at liberty to use competent institutions such as the Judicial Service Commission to report any case instead of using unorthodox means.
Mr Lubinda also said that the Constitution provides peaceful settlement mechanisms that should be used by people who are aggrieved.

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