Lubansenshi slowly seeing light

MR MWAMBA, third from left distributing blankets in his constituency.

Focus on Members of Parliament:
LIKE many other rural constituencies across the country, access to services such as health care and education has been the biggest hurdle for

most of the communities in Lubansenshi constituency of Luwingu in Northern Province.
Since time immemorial, most people in this constituency have faced difficulties accessing services being offered owing to the long distances they have to walk and in many instances, the bad state of the roads.
However, Government recently embarked on the construction of health posts and upgrading of various primary schools to secondary level to increase access to the services.
The government also engaged the Zambia National Service (ZNS) to grade most of the roads in Lubansenshi that were previously impassable.
Area member of Parliament George Mwamba says his target is to make Lubansenshi a better place than it currently is in terms of access to various social services.
Mr Mwamba said the country should move towards a situation where there is no much difference between the living standards of people in the urban areas and rural parts.
“We need to equalise the living standards of people, be it in rural or urban areas. There should not be a difference in terms of accessing various services,” he said.
He said stable development can only be attained if the people maintain the Patriotic Front government after 2021.
“We have seen a lot of development under President Lungu especially in rural areas. If given more time, the government will ensure that rural areas look like the urban area unlike the current situation,” he said.
Mr Mwamba said six schools have been upgraded to secondary schools in his constituency and that health posts and clinics have been constructed in the area.
He said Menga, Saili, Chikoti, Ndoki, Njoko and Shimumbi primary schools have been upgraded to secondary schools to increase access to education.
Mr Mwamba said the community is moulding blocks at the various upgraded institutions to build more classrooms for the learners.
“The community has realised that they can also help the government by working together. They are moulding blocks and very soon, the upgraded schools will have more classrooms,” he says.
Mr Mwamba also says he is working with the communities to construct a maternity ward in all the clinics in the constituency to prevent pregnant mothers from travelling long distances.
He said the people in area used to deliver on the way to the hospital as they had to travel all the way to the Luwingu.
The constituency has nine clinics and two health posts while the other two are still under construction.
“This will be a thing of the past because we are constructing a maternity room at each of the clinics in the constituency,” Mr Mwamba says.
In terms of roads, the constituency has enjoyed a good share from the national cake as currently, China Henan is working on 10 kilometers of township roads.
The first ever filling station is also scheduled to open next month.
“This will greatly benefit the motorists as previously, they had to travel all the way to Kasama for fuel refill,” he said.
Mr Mwamba says the government is also grading various feeder roads to enable easy access.
He says various agricultural depots are being constructed in the area to enable farmers deliver their farm produce to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).
“We also want the farmers to easily access farm inputs such as fertiliser and seed,” Mr Mwamba says.
Mr Mwamba says he also wants to empower women through the formation of clubs so that they can access funds from the government to run various businesses.
“Over 600 women clubs have been formed and registered across Lubansenshi and this is all in a quest to empower women so that they can start their own businesses and become self-sustainable,” he says.
Born in 1958, Mr Mwamba was first voted Lubansenshi MP in 2015 during a closely contested by election that saw the former area MP Patrick Mucheleka lose the seat.
A teacher by profession, Mr Mwamba rose to the level of district education board secretary before he was appointed Luwingu district commissioner in 2007 and later retired in 2010.
His first attempt as MP was in 2011 when he lost to Mr Mucheleka only to win the seat in the by-election of 2015.
“I only represented the people for six months, but thank God I was voted again in 2016 and now I have a five year mandate to fulfil the campaign promises I made to the people,” he says.
Mr Mwamba says he has been carrying out various humanitarian activities in the area like donating various items such as food stuffs and blankets to the vulnerable.
He also wants the youths to be kept busy by introducing a football tournament.
Mr Mwamba thanks President Lungu for believing in him that he can deliver development to the people of Lubansenshi.

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