Luapula women ‘hatch’ chicken plan

WOMEN in Luapula Province have formed a co-operative with the objective of rearing village chicken using K300,000 obtained from the Constituency Development Fund.
The chicken breeding scheme was mooted in Nchelenge where the women have formed a group called the Village Chicken Multiplication Centre with the objective of commercialising free-range birds for sustained income and as a source of protein.
To kick-start their project, the women will buy an unnamed breed of chicken from Mazabuka because the Southern Province town is a good source for their poultry restocking exercise.
Nchelenge district commissioner Lloyd Chakaba said in an interview in Mansa recently that the village chicken breeding initiative will encourage women to venture into income generating activities.
Mr Chakaba said the poultry initiative is also meant to change women’s mind set so that they are self-reliant, instead of depending on their husbands who are mainly fishermen and fish-mongers.
Mr Chakaba commended Nchelenge Member of Parliament Raymond Mpundu for the support rendered towards the setting up of village chicken rearing group.
The village chicken is widely preferred because it grows naturally and, therefore, free of harmful chemicals.
With regard to breeding, the village chicken is disease-resistant while some people find its flesh tastier than that of the hybrid fowl.

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