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SENIOR Chief Mboroma, chiefs Chembe, Mboshya of Luano district and Chieftainess Shikabeta at the launch of the Luano Game Management Area Game Management Plan.

Luano Game Management charts new course

AN ASSESSMENT of Luano Game Management Area (LGMA) reveals that the region has a variety of 19 species of mammals, 42 species of birds and a number of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates.
The Game Management Area (GMA) is also endowed with Riparian forests, Miombo woodlands, Combretum woodlands, Colophospersmum Mopane woodlands, Munga woodlands and grasslands.
A hydrological system of rivers and streams, among them the Lunsemfwa, Lukusashi and Luangwa rivers, characterise the natural environment of LGMA.
The rivers and streams in LGMA, which is one of 36 GMAs in Zambia, are habitats for 11 species of fish.
LGMA is shared by Mboroma, Chembe, Mboshya chiefdoms in Luano district and Chamuka chiefdom in Chisamba, and Mphashya and Shikabeta chiefdoms in Lusaka Province.