‘Luangwa/Mwami road progressing well’


EGIS International, the contractor that designed the Luangwa/Mwami border road has described the on-going works on the project as impressive.
EGIS International deputy team leader Edward Chidziya said the 360-kilometre road that has been divided into four segments, has also seen a total of 14 bridges either rehabilitated or newly constructed.
Mr Chidziya was speaking on Wednesday when the Road Development Agency (RDA) toured the road to check on the progress.
And SMEC supervising engineer on the Nyimba-Sinda road William Scarr, said the work on the stretch is expected to be completed in June 2016.
Mr Scarr said the road, which is the second segment of the 360-kilometre stretch was scheduled to run from June 2013 to June 2015, but this has not been possible due to various challenges.
Meanwhile, RDA senior public relations manager Loyce Saili said the Nyimba-Sinda project is jointly funded by Africa Development Bank and the government at a cost of K361 million.
She said despite the challenges, the contractor, Condurill has tarred 32 kilometres of the road.
On the third segment of the project which is the 95.5 kilometres of the Sinda-Katete-Muteguleni stretch, Mrs Saili said 54 kilometres have been tarred and that the project under Mota Engil contractors is expected to be complete in April 2016.
The third segment is financed by the European Union through the European Investment Bank and Government at a cost of €43.3 million.
“The project was scheduled for completion this September but the supervising contractor is projecting that it will be complete in April 2016,” she said.
Mrs Saili said 37 kilometres out of the 50.4-kilometre stretch between Mutenguleni and Mwami border has so far been tarred.
The fourth segment is also financed by EU and Government at a cost of €37.9 million. The tender was won Mota Engil.
The first segment is from Luangwa-Nyimba and is financed by the EU at a cost of €37.1 million.
“The first segment of the work is between Luangwa to Nyimba, covering a stretch of 98 kilometres with 32 kilometres of the road tarred,” she said.
The Luangwa-Mwami stretch is part of phase four of the Nacala Corridor which will enhance trade once completed.
Mrs Saili also said Malawi and Zambia intend to construct a one-stop border post to ease congestion.

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