L/stone, Nakonde notorious for smuggling – ZRA


CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) says it intercepts over K2 million worth of smuggled goods at Livingstone and Nakonde borders every month.
ZRA commissioner general Kingsely Chanda said the two borders are notorious for smuggling.
Mr Chanda said some people have turned into professional smugglers and that the authority is determined to stop the vice.
Speaking when he addressed clearing agents in Livingstone at the New Fairmount Hotel on Tuesday, Mr Chanda said ZRA would no longer tolerate smuggling.
“Livingstone and Nakonde are ranked highly in terms of smuggling; the country is losing a lot of revenue through this illegal activity. Without clearing agents, smuggling can’t take place,” he said.
Mr Chanda said the authority would create a customs parking post so that all the trucks that have not been cleared can be in one yard.
“The anti-smuggling squad of ZRA in the two border towns has confiscated goods worth K1.5 million to K2 million on a monthly basis. It is however not possible to quantify the amount of untaxed goods that have been smuggled into the country as smuggling is theft. It is not easy to put a figure to it,” he said.
Mr Chanda said ZRA will assemble a mobile compliance team that will be based at Livingstone and Nakonde.
He said the clearing agents involved in smuggling will be blacklisted because they are depriving the country of revenue.
“It is not possible that a 30 tonne truck can enter the country without a clearing agent knowing and some officers, too. So if you involve yourself in smuggling you will be putting your licence on the line,” he said.
Mr Chanda said ZRA will not allow the forgery of documents by the clearing agents and that those found wanting will be blacklisted and prosecuted in the courts.
He said officers in the authority are employed to collect revenue, and clearing agents found engaging in fraud will have their licences revoked and that appeals against such a decision will not succeed.
Mr Chanda said for those who have bonded their transactions, the authority will collect the bonds from the insurance companies.
“When we give you the licence to operate as clearing agents, we have all the trust that you are going to ensure that the right taxes are paid,” he said.

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