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Do that which you love doing

DO YOU love what you do? Or do you do it just for the sake of it?
We are encouraged to love what we do.
But it is difficult to do so when you don’t have passion for what you do in the first place.
There seems to be a school of thought which purports that one can develop the love for something along the way, meaning that you can start doing something even if you don’t love it as you’re likely to do so along the way.
But as far as I am concerned it is better to do what you love instead of hoping to love it as you do it.
In my thinking the lack of passion is the main cause of mediocre works or attitudes that we see every day around us.
People who love what they do attain excellence in their pursuits.
These are men and women who are applauded in their respective fields.
It is the love of what they do that makes them stand out from the crowd.
They are people who are willing to go an extra mile in search of greatness.
And more often than not, these passionate individuals reach for the stars as it were.
It is for this reason I urge everyone out there to do what they really love because that way you can do more and be more in your life.
There are many benefits in doing what you love.
The motivation to do it becomes second nature because when you love something you have all the reasons to do it.
When you love what you do, you are likely to do a good job or provide better services to people.
This is especially so for those who are in business, whether for themselves or for others.
The other thing is that you’re likely to make a lasting difference in the lives of other people.
And because of the good services that you provide to people, you’ll end up becoming famous.
This is because the people you serve will speak highly of you to their families and friends and so on and so forth, making those people want to know more about you.
This will lead to fame at the end of the day.
Loving what you do leads to fortune. As you provide a good service to people, they’ll be willing to pay more for you services.
This will no doubt help you create wealth at the end of the day because as they say, “there is no better way to make money than doing what you love and are passionate about”.
Happiness becomes a fringe benefit, as you see your life and those of others change for the better.
On the contrary, lack of passion for what you do results in, but not limited, to poor work.
I mean, if you do not have passion and motivation what do you expect? Is it not average results?
Unfortunately, the people you work for or with get affected in a negative way.
And if you want to become famous or wealthy, you better forget it because no one wants to pay for mediocrity.
Neither will anyone want to know a man or woman of mediocre works.
Sadly, it becomes easier for you to give up because passion is what makes you go on even when others are letting go.
Aside from that, unhappiness becomes a sure portion for you because of the lack of motivation, not to mention complaints from people on your unsatisfactory works.
So the secret is to do what you love.
This will make fame and fortune follow you instead of the other way round.
As Warren Bufett urged “If you find a job that excites you every day, forget about the pay”.
The author is a motivational speaker, writer, life coach and entrepreneur.