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Love triangle breaks a man

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
TO LEARN that one has been in a love triangle for years is heart-piercing.
This is regardless of whether the victim is male or female.
A crestfallen man told the story of how much a woman he once adored broke his heart.
The couple were together for over 10 years. However, little did he know that at the time he was marrying her, his wife had already been in a long-time relationship with another man?
Seeing that age was catching up with her, she decided to settle for the single man and start a family.
This did not deter her from continuing her relationship with the other man.
She could not see herself giving up the luxurious gifts that the married man was showering her with.
Her job being that of a field worker which included travelling within and outside the country, there were times she would lie to her husband that she was going on a work-related trip but she took time off from work to spend it with the other man.
The heartbroken man said it is painful to learn that a woman you had so much faith in had been cheating on you for a long time. Indeed he was the last person to know about something that concerned him.
It is rare that one will approach another to inform them about the misdeeds one’s spouse is up to. They fear to be the cause of a marriage break-up and causing tension in another couple‘s marriage. As the saying goes, what one does not know will not hurt. I suppose that is the stance that most people take and would rather watch from a distance.
The man feels disgraced and disappointed that even some of his colleagues knew about what was going on with his wife but everyone turned a blind eye and went about minding their own business.
Today, the man has doubts whether he is truly the father to his three children. But one thing he has told himself is that he will not subject his children to a paternity test because, whether or not he is the biological father, they are still his children as he has raised them and he is the man the children know as their father.
Anyhow, he has been struggling emotionally because the thought still crosses his mind when he looks at his three sons on whether or not the children are truly his.
To put the matter to rest, he has been advised to go ahead with the paternity test and be ready for the outcome of the results.
He has also decided to go for counselling to help him heal. But one thing he has no second thoughts on is that he is filing for divorce. He feels the woman’s actions are unforgiveable.
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