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No love at first sight for the Mulusas

THEY met by chance at a recording studio in Kitwe in 1998. And almost immediately sparks flew between Lloyd and Mweshi Mulusa but not in a good way.
Mweshi was not impressed with the way Lloyd underestimated her abilities to sing. She felt it was rude to judge her based on her appearance. However, being a music teacher by profession, he did not think much about it.
“I met him through my aunt who I was backing in Kitwe. But I was not impressed with the way he undermined me as a singer. In fact I had even suggested another producer for my aunt but she insisted on Lloyd. Although he later seemed impressed with my singing abilities, I couldn’t change my first impression about him,” she said.
After the recording, Mweshi said Lloyd slipped her a piece of paper with his number and address. That further infuriated her that she tore the paper and threw it away.
A year later, Mweshi who was based in Mufulira at the time was asked to feature on another gospel artiste Henry Shebele’s album.
“Brother Henry told me that we will be recording in Kitwe with a brother Mulusa. I didn’t think much about it. But I was shocked when I discovered it was Lloyd because I did not know his last name when I was there with my aunt,” she said.
Shockingly, Mweshi noticed that Lloyd was being nice and seemed genuinely excited to see her. She said he rushed to check her left hand to see if she was married. After the recordings were done, they parted company without exchanging numbers. A year passed.
In 2000, Lloyd who had relocated to Lusaka went looking for Mweshi on the Copperbelt but bounced. He instead left his contact with her relative.
“I was surprised when I was informed that he had come to visit me because we had not communicated or seen each other for a year. So I decided to call him and that was how we started communicating regularly and developed our friendship,” she said.
However, Mweshi who is also a multiple award winning gospel artiste said she found Lloyd too bold and forward about what he wanted out of their friendship; a situation she said she found to be a bit unsettling.
“One time, he told me that he had a feeling we would end up together no matter how long it took because he felt we were meant to be. I was irritated with him for saying that and I immediately told him off.  But when I went home, I felt bad for reacting him harshly. I had no peace so I decided to pray about it,” she said.
After praying about it, Mweshi said she decided to give their relationship a chance. He proposed marriage in 2000. They courted long distance for three years before they eventually got married in May 2003. They have been married for 12 years.
“Long distance relationships can be challenging and difficult but he made it easy because he is a man of his word. And that is what I love about him. He promised to always be there for me and he is, he promised to make himself available for me and he has been. He promised to come back and marry me and he did,” she said with a smile.
Mweshi said Lloyd has also been extremely supportive of her music and has made sure that she continues to grow in her chosen ministry because that was what he had promised her when they got married.
“My husband and I do a lot of things together. We are not just husband and wife; we are friends, lovers as well as partners. I love that he is humble and he is very calm. We also share a passion for God’s work and that it extremely important to us as a couple,” she said.
For Lloyd, despite the challenges he faced in winning her heart, Mweshi is his God given wife.
“It is written in the Bible that he, who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favour from God. And because of my wife, I have found favour from God and man. I couldn’t have asked for a better wife. She is my partner, my friend, my wife and the mother of my children,” he said.
Lloyd said even before he knew he was ready to settle down, he knew that he needed a woman who will not only share his love for music but will also be God-fearing to avoid unnecessary clashes in their relationship.
Lloyd who could not stop gushing praises about how wonderful his wife is also praised her cooking.
“Our meeting can only be described as God’s divine master plan. When God has designed someone for you, no matter how long it takes or the distance, it will come to pass. We are an example of that,” he said.
He said the foundation of their marriage has always been God and He continues to play an important role in their union.
His advise to people married to partners in the limelight is, “Don’t feel intimidated by the fame of your partner because your role is to support them. It is not necessary to be petty or jealous over their success because when they shine, you shine. It is also important to put God first in your marriage.”
Mweshi encouraged women to learn to divide their time so that their careers do not affect time with their families.
“When I am out performing I am an artiste but when I am home, I am a mother and wife. And I take my roles seriously so that no area of my life is affected,” she said.

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