Letter to the Editor

Loud mouths conspicuously gone quiet

Dear Editor,
ALLOW me space in your widely read newspaper to register my observation on the loud mouths that have been very vocal unjustifiably criticising the

Republican President and now gone quiet over the burning of Lusaka City Market. This clearly shows that these people do not mean well for this country. Their inflammatory sentiments expressed in both electronic and print media have contributed to the tension and escalation of barbaric acts of arson and vandalism of public property and the law should not spare them. Their sustained evil campaign against the leadership of our country is due to selfishness, greed and uncontrolled appetite for power. It is also not surprising to get a statement from LAZ representative advising Government to treat those who will be found wanting within the confines of the law. To me, this sounds like this person is more sympathetic with those who have done evil acts than those who have been victims and I urge the law enforcers to visit even these sympathisers. They cannot cheat and hide in the so-called LAZ. Let them be smoked out. We need peace, unity and love in this country. The police have now been given opportunity to get to the bottom of this nonsense once and for all. Enough is enough.
God bless our nation.

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