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Looking for rugby ware, enthusiasts

Dear editor,
GREETINGS from South Africa. I am an ardent rugby enthusiast and proprietor of my own private museum on original amateur 15 man code international and South African provincial memorabilia.
My museum consists of the following amateur memorabilia from yesteryear: Annuals, books, brochures, lapel badges, long-sleeve match won numbered jerseys without the sponsors’ logo and without striped sleeves, magazines featuring letters to the editor columns, match day programmes, pennants, year books and many more.
I became a rugby fan in 1965, and was keen to play my beloved sport. Tragedy struck in 1965, when I sustained a serious injury to the left knee in a freak accident at home.
The injury was so severe that it left me permanently semi-disabled for life.
The orthopedic surgeon told my late father in 1972 that should I dare play rugby, he would have no choice but to amputate my leg.
After three major constructive surgeries in 1972 and 1973, I came to the sad realisation that I would only be able to watch rugby from the touchline.
Not only did this dampen my spirit but it also shattered my dream of ever playing rugby.
To make up for my disappointment, the idea of starting my own rugby museum came to my mind.
It is now my pride and joy.
Besides the Northern Rhodesian and Zambian rugby players, I would like to also correspond with Zambian rugby fans.
Please note that all memorabilia are for display in my museum only and not private use.
I also have an old lady who is not only a rugby enthusiast but also a passionate collector of postcards, stamps and used phone airtime cards.
She is also looking for collectors from Zambia with similar hobbies to write to her at the following address: Mrs Ruth Katz, 303 Alden Flats, 67 Troye Street, Sunnyside, 0002, South Africa.
I am looking for Northern Rhodesian and Zambian rugby memorabilia.
All letters will be answered, but please be warned that I have no time for rogues and shysters!
Van’s Rugby Museum,
P.O. Box 5122,
0001, South Africa.