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Look into plight of Mumbwa-based freedom fighters

Dear editor,
ON AUGUST 18, 2019, the Mumbwa district freedom fighters marched to the District Commissioner’s office to show solidarity with President Edgar Lungu.
This is because the President has recognised freedom fighters in this country.
The only thing remaining for our listening President is to make a law for freedom fighters to be rewarded for the work they did to liberate this country from the colonial masters.
Freedom fighters in rural areas are in poverty. Some travel more than 10km to access health facilities.
Others move more than 1km to find clean water. All freedom fighters are 73 years old and above.
Here in Mumbwa, social cash transfer was last paid in April 2018, and most of the freedom fighters were not captured.
Whenever President Lungu will come to Mumbwa, we would like to meet him in person so that he can know about our sufferings.
ZUN FFA district executive secretary