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I look up to Dr Kaseba

THE First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba is a role model to so many youths who are keen followers of her health works.

Many young people are closely monitoring Dr Kaseba’s commitment to better people’s lives by ensuring that health delivery is enhanced and Mwaba Chanda Mulenga is one such ardent follower and wants to become a medical doctor, CHINOYI CHIPULU had a chat with Mwaba in CHINGOLA.
Full Names: Mwaba Chanda Mulenga
Age: 10 years.
Q: Which School do you attend?
Ans: Gigs Private School in Lulamba township in Chingola.
Q: What Grade are you doing?
Ans: Grade Five
Q: How many are you in your family?
Ans: I’m the first born in a family of three girls.
Q: What are your favourite subjects at school?
Ans: My favourite subjects are science and mathematics; science will help me achieve my dreams of becoming a medical doctor as it helps me understand how the human body functions. Mathematics will also help me to know how to calculate, it is a very interesting subject, while Bemba the newly introduced subject which is compulsory will help me speak my language properly, as I am Bemba by tribe.
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Ans: I want to be a medical doctor because I want to be helping people and to save lives.
Q: Who is your inspiration?
Ans: Dr Christine Kaseba inspires me because she is a female doctor, encourages education for the girl child and she is very hard working. Dr Kaseba inspires me because she has got a heart for the sick people who require medical attention.
Q: Who is your hero and role model?
Mum and Dad because they encourage me to work hard and become somebody in life and they have always been there for me.
Q: Why is school important to you?
Ans: School is important because it helps you become great in future.
Q: Describe the happiest day in your life?
Ans: On my 10th birthday because I had time with my parents and my worst day was when I lost my cousin Festus Bwika.
Q: What do you like doing after school?
Ans: I like helping my Mum with house chores and playing football because I dream of joining the Zambia women national team.
Q: In your view, who is a good child?
Ans good child is well disciplined and respects elders.
Q: What are your hobbies?
Ans: My hobbies are reading and dancing.

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