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Lonely hearts in wrong arms

LONELINESS sometimes drives one in wrong arms.  Truth be told, there are a lot of men, both young and old, out there who prey on women they could take advantage of.
Successful women are usually the targets of such men.  I must hasten to say that success is relative.  Some men target wealthy women knowing that if anything happens, they will still have ripped off such women.
What baffles me is how women who are high fliers usually end up attracting such men.  However, an equally successful man told me that it is usually the ‘Johns come and eat’ who are usually courageous enough to approach such women.  Men who prey on women are the most charming because they know what they hope to get out of such a relationship. This is because their motives are totally evil.
My friend Donald, who gave me an insight of the behaviour of the Johns of this world, further told me a story about a 55-year-old divorcee who had a well-paying job.  She had lived a single life for five years until a young single man came along.
Being the nature of a human being, she enjoyed the attention she received from this young man.  She forgot what it meant to be appreciated.  She initially tried to resist the temptation, especially that the man was young enough to be her son.
She threw caution to the wind and decided to enjoy every moment of the relationship.  She found herself falling for the young man, and before she knew it, he pooped the marriage question to her.  She did not hesitate and immediately accepted the marriage proposal.
All was still bliss months into their marriage.  She trusted him with her bank cards until huge amounts of money started disappearing from her account.  He also stole her house title deeds to obtain a loan from the bank.
Over a year later, he was no longer the sweet, considerate guy she met.  He would disrespect her and called her an old bag.  When she asked him to leave her house, he vehemently refused saying as her husband, what was hers was also his.
When she reported him to the police about him not wanting to leave, she was told the law allowed him to live in the house because the two were husband and wife. Simply put, the man had as much rights to the house as she did.
She missed her single life and wondered what came over her to fall for a young man.  She finally filed for divorce but the young man walked away with 50 percent of what she worked for.  He ripped her off and walked away with no remorse.  The young man is living off someone else’s sweat and probably looking out for the next prey.

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