Localising school twinning

ST MARY’S Secondary School has donated 20 desks to its twinned school, Sitinkwi Primary School.

ZAMBIA, like many other countries around the world, has been involved in and benefitted from twinning programmes.
The twinning programme, which can be implemented at national or international level, is an initiative practised in different sectors to allow mutual relationships between two parties. The concept encourages direct and progressive interactions as the stakeholders involved work together and share ideas and resources to enhance development.
In the education sector, schools under the Ministry of General Education have twinned with schools from Europe, allowing school managers to share practices, knowledge and information so as to enhance education quality.
Recently the Ministry of General Education came up with an initiative to localise the twinning programme where rural and urban schools are collaborating to reduce the existing inequalities and improve learner performance. Currently, the programme is being implemented in Lusaka and Chirundu in Lusaka Province, involving 15 schools in each district. The school administrators in the 30 schools are sharing best practices, successes, challenges and ideas on teaching and learning as well as resource mobilisation.http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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