Local musicians release ‘Gondo’ against tribalism

FROM left: Petersen, B’flow, Kantu, Shimasta and Willz.

WITH tribalism still rearing its ugly head in certain sections, five leading local musicians have decided to add their voice with a song discouraging the practice.B’Flow, Petersen, Shimasta, Willz and Kantu have released a song titled “Gondo”.
The song which was inspired by a radio drama talks about the need for every person to contribute to ending tribalism and corruption in society.
“The song ‘Gondo’ was inspired by a radio drama called ‘Story of Gondo’ which talks about a fictitious country called Gondo which has a village called Nguzu where power struggle became the order of the day after the demise of the incumbent councillor called Mulilo Zaza,” B’flow explained.
“The events that follow are very similar to the things our continent is passing through. As artistes, we feel it’s our responsibility to speak against corruption and tribalism.”
B’flow also explained how the song came about. Initially, he and Kantu wanted to release a song about tribalism and when he met Shimasta, the idea changed course.
“When we had this conversation, we talked about how tribalism has become a way of life now where you find people talking against another tribe, people are employed based on tribe. So, I told Shimasta that Kantu and I have been talking about this,” he said.
“Then Shimasta said he also wanted to do a song about it. I already knew about the radio drama the ‘Story of Gondo’ which was airing on Hot fm. So we said we should also consider tribe [when recording the song] because since we’re talking about tribalism, we should be able to show that even artistes who are on this song are representing different tribes but are working together on one song.
“And this is the culture we should promote in our workplaces and in the country in general.”
The song has five languages with Petersen singing in Lozi, Shimasta in Bemba, Kantu in Tonga, Willz in the languages of the Eastern Province and B’flow in English.

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