Letter to the Editor

Local contractors defrauding government?

Dear editor,
IT IS sad to learn that local contractors have been auctioning their 20 percent contracts to foreign contractors.
This is not only embarrassing but an indication of how unpatriotic some Zambian contractors can be.
How are Zambian contractors going to qualify for bigger contacts if they can’t build their capacities from smaller ones?
This is daylight robbery that is frustrating the government policy.
This trend should not be encouraged and should be stopped by formulating stiffer laws that will prevent the fraud.
Culprits should be blacklisted and never be considered for any future contracts.
Government thought we could slowly move away from being called a trading country to a contracting, industrialised and manufacturing country.
It will be difficult for us to improve other sectors of our economy if we allow this greed and lust for money to continue in the construction sector.

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