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Load-shedding normalised – Mabumba


MINISTER of Energy David Mabumba says there will be no more load-shedding of longer hours due to increased electricity generation in the country.

Mr Mabumba said due to increased water levels in most water generating points across the country, coupled with generation from solar projects, generation of electricity has also increased.
“There has been no load -shedding since February this year, and the situation will remain the same until further notice,” he said in an interview.
Mr Mabumba said there will be no load-shedding which takes long hours like the ones experienced in the recent past.
He said the increase in water levels in electricity generation points is as a result of the abundant rains in the last rainy season.
Mr Mabumba said he does not expect any kind of load- shedding now because of the increase in generation.
He said people should not mistake electricity supply disruptions during maintenance works to load -shedding.
Mr Mabumba said Zesco will continue to monitor the water levels in electricity generation points such as the Kariba Dam so that there is proper usage of power.
Meanwhile, the National Energy Sector and Allied Workers Union (NESAWU) has commended Government for reducing load-shedding since February this year, saying this will increase production in the economy.
NESAWU secretary general Manson Mutambo said reduced load-shedding has had a positive impact on production.
“Reduced load shedding has a positive effect on production and, as such, this means that there will be trickle-down effects to the economy,” he said in an interview.
Mr Mutambo said the longer hours of load-shedding, which in extremes lasted eight hours, had a negative effect on the economy.
He said load-shedding of longer hours left a lot of small and big businesses negatively affected because their production capacity and turnover reduced drastically.
Mr Mutambo said the increased generation of electricity currently being experienced will contribute further in boosting the economy.
He said most of the entrepreneurs who were negatively affected by load -shedding no longer experience the same hurdles they went through.
Mr Mutambo urged business people to ensure they utilise the reduced load shedding being experienced to record profits in their businesses.


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