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Livingstone’s resilience, determination

TITLE: David Livingstone in Zambia 1851-1873. It is an intriguing historically and academically inclined book depicting the journeys of the Scottish explorer into what was then referred to as the Dark Continent.
Authored by Hilda Kafumukache Musunsa, the book has even been approved by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) for grades eight to 12.
“This short history of David Livingstone in Zambia looks closely at the determination and grit of the missionary and explorer to discover territories unknown to himself and his own people…,” Professor Dickson Mwansa, Adult Education, Zambian Open University, says of the book.
Gear Kajoba, senior lecturer in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, University of Zambia, described the David Livingstone in Zambia 1851-1873 as a well-written and an easy read: “The book is well written, easy to read and informative. It tells the story that Livingstone was determined to explore the interior of Africa on his journeys, for the benefit of his country and Africa…”