Livingstone strategises against Ebola

LIVINGSTONE district medical officer Dr Cliff Hara says Livingstone residents need to adequately prepare themselves against the deadly Ebola outbreak because of the position of the district.
He said Livingstone has a heavy flow of traffic due to people who come through the borders and airport.
Speaking during a sensitisation and preparedness meeting at Livingstone’s Kariba ward on Thursday, Dr Hara said his office emphasises preparedness and prevention as a strategy against the disease outbreak.
“There is no cure for the disease yet and that people in communities needed to be sensitised on prevention so that the risk of having the disease in the country could be reduced,” Dr Hara.
He said the geographical position of the city makes it more vulnerable to an outbreak.
Speaking at the same function Livingstone district medical office’s senior clinical care officer, Mr Greenford Sibusenga said Ebola is a threat to national economic development.
He added that the resources meant for national infrastructure development in case of an outbreak would be channelled to fighting the disease.
He said his office identified Mosi-o-tunya clinic as a quarantine centre because it was isolated and excluded.
He appealed to the community to co-operate with health authorities in their efforts to avert an outbreak.

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