Livingstone-Sesheke road in deplorable state

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
SESHEKE District Council has bemoaned the poor state of the Livingstone-Sesheke road, which is causing the local authority to lose millions of Kwacha because many motorists are shunning the route.
Council chairperson Matokwani Musiwa said revenue collections by the council staff at the border had gone down because of reduced traffic.
“The local authority is supposed to be collecting money from the trucks and other motorists but because of the poor state of our road, foreign motorists are reluctant to use the route,” he said.
Mr Musiwa said in an interview the poor condition of the road had also affected other state agencies which depended on commuter traffic for their revenue.
He said many people entered Zambia through the Namibian border but were now being discouraged because of the poor road.
Mr Musiwa said with the on-set of the rains, the road was likely to become worse.
He appealed to the Road Development Agency to quickly repair the road.
“The road between Livingstone and Kazungula is good. The challenge is from Kazungula to Mwandi and partly into Sesheke district. Road fee is collected from the border but people are now shunning this route because the road is very bad,” he said.
Mr Musiwa said it was unfortunate that Sesheke district did not have shopping malls or supermarkets forcing residents to travel to Livingstone or the border town of Katimamulilo in Namibia for their household shopping.
Meanwhile, the council has urged the water utility company in the district to supply clean water to residents.
Mr Musiwa said because of the hilly and sandy terrain, some residents had no access to clean water.

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