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Livingstone resident sues for insults, loses case

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
A WOMAN from Livingstone is demanding for K3,000 compensation for being accused of having a sexual relationship with her client’s husband.
This is in a case in which Christine Kalumba, 25, of house No. D180 Ngwenya compound in Livingstone sued Chisola Nyumbu, 44, of the same neighbourhood for compensation for defamation of character.
Nyumba said when she went to Kalumba’s house to ask for the outstanding balance for the bed her husband had made for her (Kalumba), her response was that the issue was between her and Kalumba’s husband.
Nyumbu told the court that she was demanding K3,000 compensation for the insults from Chisola.
She also said that she had agreed with Chisola’s husband that he should make for her a bed and she was charged K450.
Christine explained that she paid K300 and K150 was outstanding, adding that she had collected the bed.
She said she was shocked that the carpenter had sent the wife (Chisola) to collect the outstanding settlement.
Christine said Chisola beat her up at her house and begun to insult her.
“Chisola begun to insult me with big insults and called me a prostitute,” she said.
Chisola said that she did not have a witness to tell the court what had transpired.
She denied the charge of ever insulting the complainant.
Livingstone principal presiding Local court Magistrate Harrison Kabwenga said it was difficult to ascertain whether who begun the exchange words which resulted into insults as there were no witnesses.
The court dismissed the claim for insults as the two parties did not have witnesses for the case.

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