Livingstone council faces CDF evaluation challenge

LIVINGSTONE City Council says it is difficult to monitor and evaluate Constituency Development Fund (CDF) projects because the funds allocated for administration are inadequate to conduct the exercise.
Acting LCC planner Mervin Kalumba said a number of councils fail to monitor and evaluate CDF projects because the K20, 000 allocated for administration purposes is insignificant especially for the bigger councils.
Speaking during CDF public meeting organised by Caritas and held at the Livingstone Museum under the theme “Our money, Our development”, Mr Kalumba said the Livingstone Council is fortunate because it is not as vast as Kazungula.
“Monitoring of CDF projects is not just a problem for Livingstone City Council but for all councils in Zambia. The problem starts with increasing funds for CDF, the administrative cost is supposed to be 10 per cent of the amount that has been disbursed but the Government has put a figure of K20, 000 to monitor 15 to 20 projects,” he said.
He said K20, 000 is a small amount of money to monitor and evaluate the projects because the sum includes the procurement process and fuel as some of the areas are distant.
He said this has resulted in a number of councils facing audit queries every year on CDF.
He noted that Livingstone had performed well in the implementation of the CDF projects.
And Dambwa Central ward councilor Liswani Likando said the council had procured a tipper truck for solid waste collection.
He said the council had written to the Ministry of Local Government and Housing to waive the procurement of the vehicles.
And Livingstone diocese caritas Director Francis Chanda said there is need for fair guidelines that should be adhered to when disbursing CDF in the country.
Mr Chanda said it is sad that the Ministry of local Government and housing could approve a request to procure an item outside the guidelines.
He said the media and people in the country should take interest in CDF projects so that they help in monitoring the projects.

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