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MS Sianganiwa’s granddaughter Esther carrying a bag of foodstuffs distributed by Act Alliance Zambia in Maamba recently

Living a day at a time in Maamba

VIOLET MENGO, Sinazongwe
PAIN and suffering is written all over Beauty Sianganiwa’s face, a visually impaired 58-year-old woman of Maamba district.
Ms Sianganiwa is sitting in the precincts of United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Maamba congregation with her granddaughter hoping to receive relief food being distributed to vulnerable people in the district.
Unfortunately, she is not among the people listed to receive the relief food because at the time the list was being drawn, she was out on the streets of Maamba asking for alms.
She waits with bated breath as other vulnerable people are receiving assorted types of foodstuffs distributed by Act Alliance, an ecumenical partnership of churches, namely Christian Aid Norwegian Church, Danish Church Aid, Salvation Army, United Church of Zambia Swedish Diaconia, Reformed Church in Zambia and Young Women Christian Association.
The United Church of Zambia is an implementing agent of the Act Alliance.
Attracted by the number of hours she has spent waiting for the relief food, this writer is tempted to talk to her as most people had collected their share of the relief food.
“I am here to get relief food. On my way to the streets to beg, my granddaughter told me about the distribution of food, and since she is my eyes, she led me here,” Ms Sianganiwa says as she fidgets on the ground.
Ms Sianganiwa is one of many vulnerable people in the area who have no source of income and CLICK TO READ MORE