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MR MBULAI inspecting meat being preserved by smoking. Picture right, people skinning carcas of Mr Mbulai’s cattle which was struck by lightning recently.

Livestock gone in flash

FOR days, people of Ndiki, in Limulunga District, Western Province, joined 91-year-old Kawiyana Mbulai in mourning the loss of 49 cattle. The animals were struck by lightning in one instant.
The wailing, which started from the kraal in the plains where over 80 animals belonging to Mr Mbulai are kept, extended to his house. In no time, the old man’s entire yard was flooded with sympathising neighbours, both young and old.
As almost the entire community gathered outside his house, his family members were frantically attending to Mr Mbulai, who collapsed for the second time.
Mr Mbulai’s grandson Kabwina Mbulai said his grandfather first collapsed at the kraal upon seeing his animals lying dead.