Little Miss Intellect to hold Christmas party

The Little Miss Zambia organisation, a platform meant to educate young girls on social and current affairs through entertainment, interaction and fun activities, will tomorrow be holding a Christmas party at St Matthias Community School in Lusaka’s Ng’ombe township.
Last month, 10-year-old Suwilanji Nalungwe was crowned as the first Little Miss Intellect at a pageant held at Villa Elizabetha Lodge at which 11 contestants competed for the title.
One of the aims of the pageant is to also raise awareness on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Following her win, Suwilanji, who became an SDG ambassador, pledged to support SDG number four which is about providing quality education starting from an early age.
As a starting point, she had pledged to buy books using her prize money and donating them to St Matthias Community School in Ng’ombe township where the contestants had earlier donated clothes, books, pencils and food to the pupils in grades one to six.
But now, it will be something more, a Christmas party.
“December is a festive season and a month of giving and Little Miss Intellect Zambia 2016 winner Suwilanji Nalungwe and LMIZ [Little Miss Intellect Zambia Intellect] children have decided to give back to the community by supporting SDG goal number 4 which is quality education, they are set to host a Christmas Party at St Matthias Community School in Ng’ombe township Lusaka on 10th December 2016 starting at 08:00 hours – 13:00hours which will see to it that every child gets a book, pencil and pen,” reads a statement made available to the weekend mail in Lusaka.
“St Matthias Community School has 330 pupils who are in Grades 1 to 6 who it’s educating.
Little Miss Intellect Zambia invites everyone(the nation at large) to make an effort by giving a book, a pen, a pencil and other educational materials to help support SDG goal 4 because children are the future leaders of tomorrow.”
The Little Miss Intellect Zambia was put together by Inonge Wakunguma, Kabuba Muyunda and Chisala Malyangu, who are aiming at investing in children by providing them with knowledge and tools that will enable them to attain a better future through entertainment and fun activities.

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