Littering by Zambians

WINFORD Sichiliango.

IS LITTERING in Zambia a curse or an act of carelessness? Trust me, littering by Zambians in our country has reached endemic proportions and it is time we started treating it.
It is an illness. It boggles the mind how our people – here in Lusaka and elsewhere – care less about where they place their litter.
I like to compare our dwelling places to homes where each one of us comes from or better still, to our bedrooms. Who in their right frame of mind would throw litter anyhow in their home, their bedroom? Dwelling places of a general nature such as our work places, the central business district as a whole, markets, streets, etc are quite like our own homes, our bedrooms, only that there are many, many more players in public places than there are in our individual homes.

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