Letter to the Editor

Litter on our roads

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to comment on the state of many of our roads. It is disheartening to see so much litter on our main roads and streets and unkempt surroundings in our city.
Lubu Road for example, is full of litter, especially outside the Argyll Garden apartments as one approaches the T-junction with Los Angeles boulevard road in Longacres.
This is not because the owners of the properties do not clean the surroundings, but this specific area is unfortunately used by so many pedestrians who connect to many other residential areas and places of work daily and some throw litter as they walk.
This has made this road and some frontages of properties on this road unsightly. Recently, effort was made to clear the area of litter but, unfortunately, the litter is back.
The other badly littered road is Roan Road, especially near the junction with Bishops Road and outside the High Rise flats opposite Entrust Offices.
Lusaka City Council may have to put surveillance cameras in specific places on roads which are prone to be used as dump sites by certain residents in order to maintain beautiful and clean surroundings.
We are all aware of diseases that thrive with certain habits.
Let us keep Zambia clean fellow Zambians!
Munkuli Mwenya

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