Litigations stall Katondo building


MINISTER of Local Government Vincent Mwale told Parliament on Thursday that the unfinished building at the junction of Katondo Street and Freedom Way in Lusaka’s

central business district has remained in that state for a long time because of a series of litigations.
Mr Mwale was responding to a question from Milenge member of Parliament (MP) Mwansa Mbulakulima (PF) who wanted to know why the building has remained incomplete for a long time.
Mr Mbulakulima also wanted to know the owner of the building and the way forward about the structure which poses a threat to life.
“Madam Speaker, the delay in completing the construction of the building in question has been caused by a series of litigations. The structure was originally owned by Zambia State Insurance Corporation which later sold it to Royal Lutanda Company Limited in 2001,” Mr Mwale said.
The minister assured the House that the owners of the building will resume construction works as soon as issues of litigations and financing are finished.
And Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya told Parliament that Kafulamase Health Post in Luansase ward in Kabwe Central constituency has now been opened to members of the public.
Dr Chilufya was responding to a question from Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube (PF) who wanted to know when the health post will be opened to the public and when medical staff will be sent to the health facility.
“Madam Speaker, Kafulamase Health Post is operational, it was opened to members of the public in April this year. Two medical doctors have also been deployed to the health facility. More health personnel are yet to be deployed there in due course,” Dr Chilufya said.

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