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Lipstick can make an outfit ‘pop’

IN the first article of this year 2016, I have decided to give women tips on the lipstick that suits different colours of dresses. I have observed most of the time that some women wear wrong lipstick, and this leaves them looking cheap instead of elegant.
Wearing a red dress always feels good but choosing the proper lipstick to go with it can be challenging. Nude lipstick looks good worn with a smoking hot red dress. For a jewel-toned red, matching it with a dark cherry lipstick will be perfect for a fair looking woman. Peaches and pink colours also go well with a red dress. For those who want to pull a casual look, show off your original lip colour by applying just a modest lip gloss. This will give you a natural look if you want to add some colour on this you can opt for light brown, peach or cherry. All in all, the shade must remain lighter and shinier.
Pinky-nude, if used well, goes with a royal blue dress. A deep red colour will also enhance your look. All in all, there is no colour that can really clash with royal blue.
Purple is a colour that is not so easy to match and that is why many people avoid it. Choosing a lipstick colour for a purple dress can be tricky, mostly because the typical lipstick colours like red, for example, don’t go too well with it. If you want to play it safe, go for a nude lipstick, and top it with a lip gloss. Nude lipstick is the best choice when you have an unusual dress colour and don’t want to look over the top.
The yellow dress goes well with crimson red lipstick, but, you can experiment with other bright colours.
The good thing about black is it goes with any colour. I am not too sure though whether it is appropriate to use black lipstick. I have only seen this on models.
Have a blessed and happy new year.
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