Lions rescue Mumbwa health facility

LAUNCH of Lubilo maternity ward in Kamabuta area in Mufumbwe constructed by Peace Corps at cost of K116, 000. PICTURE: PATSON MULAISHO/ZANIS

IT IS lunchtime and the sun is sizzling over Kayumweyumwe Rural Health Centre sited some 20 kilometres from Mumbwa town, and a mother of one, Memory Mwanamukubo, is seen cooking in the open space. Memory and her two-year-old son need to eat. And not too distant from the duo, three other women with babies and a man, are enjoying the shade from a small tree while eating nshima and feeding their children. They have travelled from different nearby villages to the health post to escort their expecting relatives who are due for labour. In the case of Memory, she and her expecting sister have been at the health facility for two days. The health post which was recently built by Lions Aid Zambia, a development agency for Lions Club International, has no mothers’ shelter and everyone who escort their relatives to seek medical attention endures being in open spaces as they wait to be attended to by health personnel. “Sometimes when there are few people in the ward, they let us sleep there. We cook outside and that is the only place where we can find shade,” Memory says while pointing to the little shrub under which others were sitting. “Otherwise, this is how it is whenever we come here. We are even used to it.”
But make no mistake, it was even worse the previous two years before the health post was put up. People used to travel long distances to access health services. The two nearest health posts in the area are Naluvwi and Nambala which are 15 and 17 kilometres away respectively. So, the coming of the health post responded to many needs in the community – thanks to Lions Aid Zambia which CLICK TO READ MORE

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