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Lilanda man in court over delayed rentals

A 50-YEAR-OLD man of Lusaka’s Lilanda township was dragged to the Matero Local Court for failure to settle K1, 850 for rentals.
This is a case in which Kasapu Munsanda, 43, of Kabwe sued her tenant Charles Chisanga for delaying in paying rentals.
Munsanda told Senior Court Magistrates Pauline Newa and Lewis Mumba that she wanted Chisanga to pay the money he owes her, repair the damages to the house before moving out.
“The problem is that Chisanga defaults in paying rentals. I always have to travel from Kabwe to demand my money though I still do not see him,” he said.
Musanda told the court that there was a day she was forced to lock the house because Chisanga is dishonesty.
“Despite locking the house, Chisanga broke the locks and continued living in the house without settling the rentals. I have had cases of tenants occupying the house and moving out without paying their dues,” he said.
Chisanga admitted not having paid the rentals but blamed his wife for the predicament he was in.
“I would hand over money for rentals to my wife so that she pays the landlord. However, she diverted the money,” he said.
Chisanga, a cleaner at Zambia Printing Company (ZPC) told the court that his wife even left home following misunderstandings between them over the money for rentals.
“I cannot vacate the house because I have to pay the money I owe her. I will not run away like most of her former tenants. I’m willing to give her K500 today,” he said.
Chisanga told the court that police permitted him to unlock the house after Musanda locked it as he could not sleep outside with his five children.
The court ordered Chisanga to settle the K1, 350 before moving out in two months.

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