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Life never perfectly fine

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THERE is nothing in life that is smooth sailing. Everything comes with its own challenges. When you are wealthy, it has its own challenges, when not, it also comes with its own set of challenges.
This is a story about a man who once had a high-flying job to a point where three quarters of his time was spent at the office at the expense of his family. He never for one minute wondered whether or not the family, especially the wife, was content despite him spending more hours at the office. A posh car, a mansion, and house help falling all over her feet and the rest with what goes with living a luxurious life was what the family was subjected to.
But what was missing is her husband’s presence. If he was not working late, he was on his way to the airport to board a plane to attend one meeting or the other. His frequent absence from home resulted in the wife missing the attention a woman gets from her husband.
Her children used to have swimming lessons from home and an instructor would be there twice every week. She decided to join the swimming lessons and the instructor realised what the woman was lacking.
She began spending a lot of time with the instructor and even began to pay extra attention her looks. Though busy with his career, the husband noticed something different about the wife. She always seemed to be day-dreaming.
He initially rubbished the thought but the signs became intense such that he began to get suspicious and decided to hire a private investigator. His fears were confirmed. The wife was having an affair with the instructor. He was bitter because to him, while he was toiling at the office to ensure his family was comfortable, his wife was having an affair right under his nose.
Today, he advises that those with high-flying jobs, it be men or women, should learn to juggle their time between their careers and the family. If not done right, the see-saw will tilt towards one side resulting in the other suffering.
That is why it is important to balance your family time and career.
People should not focus all their energies on making money but should also have time for family.
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