Letter to the Editor

Life has to go on with the new normal

Dear editor,
THIS too is a master stroke! Life has to go on with the new normal. We have lived with malaria, cholera, and HIV and AIDS. We have to adapt and live with coronavirus. The creators of this deadly virus must have a grand plan to bring the world to its knees and then profit from the chaos.
Except there is a mightier force beyond their comprehension, we are not falling dead like flies, we are very resilient and our immune system is just finishing press ups in the gym, to fight back. Our people have a message. Their message of defiance is written all over their faces – they will not wilt under the attack of this pandemic.
We shall fight it, not with ventilators – we don’t have many of them. We shall fight it with our herd immunity, our bright sunshine, our high temperatures and local nutrition and treatment. We don’t have sufficient testing equipment – they say, sneer and laugh at us. They say we are going to perish and we will be devoured by COVID-19.
Just wait, we shall devour COVID-19 instead! We shall social-distance, sanitise and wear masks. That we shall do. God is on our side. Who can be against us?

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