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Life for Zambians in diaspora amid COVID

A VIDEO of an African woman who was verbally abused and spat on by an old woman she is employed to take care of has received a lot of condemnation from different individuals.
The video was making rounds on social media but it is not clear where it was taken from.
Although another video surfaced of the same people dancing and hugging while drinking together, a lot of people have been left wondering what Zambians and other Africans in the diaspora are going through amid the outbreak of coronavirus.
A number of Zambians spoken to, have had different experiences during the lockdowns to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Liyali Lisulo, 37, has been staying in the United States of America (USA). He found himself in North Carolina after marrying a family friend who has been living there almost all her life.
The Lisulos have three kids and he works as a supervisor (technician at a pharmaceutical company).
He described his stay in the USA after the outbreak of COVID-19 as ‘messed up’ because of the restrictions which have somehow affected his income generation.
“For me and my family it has been no travelling, less work hours, masking up and limitations of people in public places,” he said.
And when asked about whether he has experienced the kind of abuse that the African woman in the video went through, Mr Lisulo said he has not experienced such a situation since he went to that country.
He, however, said he has witnessed such a situation with other people.
“Racism will never end. I have not experienced it personally because like I said, stay out of trouble and trouble will stay away from you. That video was horrible and it needs to be condemned to the fullest. I pray that none of my family members encounter such a CLICK TO READ MORE