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APOSTOLIC Faith Mission is one of the old structures in the township. Picture right, Anderson Nayoto at his home.

Libuyu: Old baobab at centre of myths

LUCY LUMBE, Livingstone
LIBUYU Township is officially listed among the biggest and oldest townships in Livingstone.
The township, which has an estimated population of 7,817, is partially surrounded by two rivers – Maramba and Nansanzu.
Taking a drive or walk around the township, the first scenery on the left side of Libuyu road is the Libuyu Police Station, which was built in the early 1940s.
According to 76-year-old George Lifuti, Libuyu Police Station was headed by Michael Mataka, who became the first indigenous Zambian to head a police station during the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.
Mr Lifuti, who resides in the neighbouring Maramba Township, narrates that after Zambia’s independence, Mr Mataka became the first commissioner of police, a position that was upgraded to Inspector General of Police in 1973.