Levy was great democrat – Siliya


GOVERNMENT has described former President Levy Mwanawasa as a champion of democracy and the rule of law.
Dr Mwanawasa died while in office on August 19, 2008 after suffering a stroke.
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Dora Siliya said Dr Mwanawasa had an impact on many people, including herself.
Ms Siliya was speaking yesterday during a photo exhibition by the Levy Mwanawasa Foundation at Lusaka Museum.
“The museum captures the past memories for future use. Dr Mwanawasa appointed me as a young diplomat [to Egypt]. “When I later told him of my intention to stand as Petauke Member of Parliament, he asked me if I was certain of my decision because if I lost [the election], he would not appoint me again as a diplomat. That is the role Dr Mwanawasa played in many young politicians’ lives,” Ms Siliya said.

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