Levy remembered


FORMER first lady Maureen Mwanawasa says the Bible is the best guide to any leader whenever he is faced with challenges whose answers cannot be found in a constitution.

And MMD president Felix Mutati says his party will not die as it has a mission of preserving the legacy that late President Levy Mwanawasa left.
Speaking at the ninth memorial anniversary of President Mwanawasa, Mrs Mwanawasa told a gathering at Lusaka’s Embassy Park that the footprints that especially those in leadership create are critical because they form the basis of the legacy they leave behind.
“We cannot say President Mwanawasa was an angel and he didn’t have his own faults but he dealt with his shortcomings in a very mature manner and he ensured that he used the Bible as his instrument of leadership and guidance beyond the constitution.
“If you are lost as a leader, and you need answers which are not in the constitution, the Bible provides for every challenge that you may meet in life and you will find answers,” she said.
Dr Mwanawasa said all those vying for leadership should ensure that Christian principles become the basis growthof their guide in life.
She said President Mwanawasa left a legacy of living beyond politics and that is why many people still remember him.
She has since appealed to the public service personnel to stop looking at political affiliations but instead treat everyone equally.
“Whatever life we are living today has been lived before, all we have to do is just go back to history and see how it was done. And if there were mistakes that were done, don’t repeat, if they were good practices, let’s energise them,” she said.
She said President Mwanawasa lived beyond politics and valued humanity, which he believed was paramount to the nation.
And speaking shortly after laying of wreaths, Mr Mutati said President Mwanawasa was a man who believed in the rule of law and not in the goodness of man.
“He put the country’s interest and made all of us work with him. He was a principled leader who made sure that the economy of this country was paramount to him and the creation of jobs was critical. As the MMD, we will not die. We need to preserve the legacy of Levy Mwanawasa,” Mr Mutati said.
The event was attended by various political leaders, diplomats, former ministers and members of parliament and other government officials.
President Mwanawasa ascended to the presidency in 2001 on the backdrop of a hugely unpopular MMD but re-energised the party and won with 43 percent of the votes cast in the 2006 general elections.
He died in 2008 after an illness and is remembered for his fight against corruption that won him local and international applause.


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