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Levels of prostitution a hindrance to all

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
I RECALL someone once said prostitution is not only about parading the streets and waiting to be picked up by a client. This client is expected to pay for sex.
Prostitution, like any other profession, has levels. There are those who settle for as little as K20 while others demand to offer their service out of town or out of the country.
Certainly, those who line the streets have minimal demands compared to those who are in formal employment. Those in formal employment meet their clients after working hours – they have clients whom they offer sex to.
This practice is not only among women but men as well. Some of these people have decent jobs with families but are still not satisfied with their pay cheque.
They would rather indulge in other activities to meet their outrageous demands.
Let’s move away from prostitution that is known by many as lining the streets and selling your body. There is also white-collar prostitution. What is white-collar prostitution? This is where one could be married or in a relationship but still exchanges sexual favours for money.
It is not strange to hear some women bragging that there is a man who is responsible for rentals, gas and groceries, while another takes care of the bills. At the same time, there is a man who is tacked away and reserved for marriage. Some women proudly question: What is a man for in your life?
Some men have not escaped this trend. Young men, especially, are targets by older wealthy women, some who are even married. I remember how a man complained about how he receives suggestive messages from older married women. He admitted that if not strong, one could fall prey to such advances.
What is unfortunate is that the same money that some husbands give their wives is the same money used to woo younger men into sexual relationships. The benefits are that these young men are paid for the service offered.
Some women go further and target young men at colleges and universities. Since these students do not have an income, they are tempted to get into prostitution. Those who are not able to overcome the temptation get hooked to this habit.
These women, with some being mothers, should realise that they are ruining the lives of the students they are exposing such a life to. When these children join the job market, it is doubtful that they will stop the habit because to them, whenever faced with a financial challenge, the easy way out is to sell their bodies for sex.
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