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Levels of prostitution a hindrance to all – Reaction

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
THE write-up on prostitution last week has attracted the reaction of a concerned parent who feels that more needs to be done to nip the vice in the bud.
To give a gist of last week’s subject, the write up was on the growing trend of prostitution which includes those who parade themselves on the streets and others who are involved in white collar prostitution.
This trend is also growing in higher institutions of learning, not only among the female students but the males as well.
The concerned parent writes:
Dear Doris,
I am a parent with children, some in universities. The topic you wrote about last week (February 19, 2020) should not be glossed over. Our children are in danger by adults, both men and women, who abuse them sexually in exchange for money.
There are certain places in Lusaka that are patronised by males in the age range of 16 to 25. These boys and men loiter around these places waiting to be picked up by elderly women. Some of these children are students with younger girlfriends.
These sugar mummies ‘take care’ of the vulnerable children and meet all their demands. When money exchanges hands, these young men go back to their younger girlfriends. These young men are most likely also having sex with the younger girlfriends.
This is a vicious cycle that needs to be curtailed. As a parent, one cannot police their child 24/7. The best a parent can do is speak to a child on the dangers of indulging in such vices.
It may be argued that poverty drives some to opt for immoral behaviour to get a quick buck but that is not justifiable because I know children who come from decent families yet still take that route.
Our daughters have not been spared. With the coming of social media, some sites exist to link young men and women to clients. Some men forget that they have daughters themselves but are addicted to such sites and demand for young girls. I call such men perverts who are in desperate need of help.
Coming to our children, they need to realise that whoever is on the fast lane ends up crashing. We have seen how those who get excited with life end up in life. Our children should not be in a hurry to acquire the latest fashion, taking expensive drinks and handling a lot of cash. Rome was not built in a day because life is a gradual process with one step at a time.
Concerned parent.
That is it for the week,
Until next week,
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