Letter to the Editor

Let’s vote objectively

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to share my insight about the much talked about “Voting wisely”. In my view, this literally means being objective in the analysis about who merits my vote. This therefore means that I may not personally like a person because I have not interacted with him/her socially but I may like what the person does for other people.
Equally, I may have socially interacted with a person and shared jokes with but may not necessarily like what he does for other people, therefore he/she may not deserve my vote. This means my vote will not depend on my personal relationship with the candidate but what the candidate is doing for others. If I care about this country, I should be able to realise that it is not all about me but about Zambia.
We have had enough time to scrutinise the character of each and every presidential candidate and if we plan to make deliberate mistakes to vote into power a person of questionable character, we as a country should be prepared to bear the consequences. God bless Zambia.

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