Letter to the Editor

Let’s vote objectively

Dear editor,
ALLOW me to share with my fellow countrymen and women on how to vote wisely. We only have today before we make our final choices for leaders in public office.
We should know that our choices will have consequences on our future and direction this country will take. We will either take God’s choice or reject it. God is very much involved in our elections, therefore, we should vote with our conscious and ask pertinent questions.
Wisdom entails right judgement. We should not go into the polling box influenced by emotions or cadre mentality. We should weigh the leaders we are choosing.
If the leaders you have been supporting are not credible, don’t ignore your conscience. You will be alone in that box and therefore do not feel pressured to go with the influence of others. Be your own judge and choose credible leaders.
Play the Donchi Kubeba. One prominent supporter and donor to Trump, Meg Whitman, who is a Republican, has openly changed to support Hillary Clinton, who is a Democrat, saying that Donald Trump’s “demagoguery” had undermined the national fabric.
This is to be logical. Instead of just being carried away by false promises, look at the character of that leader and ask yourself whether you can entrust them with your life and country.

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