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Let’s uphold love, peace in 2018

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
A NEW year is here, coupled with it are new hopes and plans. Resolutions have been made, no doubt, and my hope is one of the resolutions is to see a peaceful 2018 filled with love.

This was my hope when I did my column last month and I would just like to re-emphasise the need for that.

However, in December, a man of Lusaka’s Garden House area was arrested for allegedly killing his wife. According to the story, it is alleged that the man killed his wife for rituals so as to become rich.
Sorry to digress, but when I read the story I wondered whether people truly believe in the notion of killing another person to get rich.
I do not want to dwell on the Garden House story because it is before the security wings. I wonder why people always want the easy way out. There is no sweet without sweat.
We have to learn to work hard to ensure that we attain our goals. Sometimes, it could be frustrating but it’s important to keep the eyes on the goal.
If we are going to focus our energies on the challenges faced as we take the journey to our goals, we will only end up getting frustrated and giving up along the way.
Who ever said life would be smooth sailing anyway? The decision to be swayed by making quick money through all sorts of means always ends up badly.
Some parents have been known to sell their children to make a quick buck. And is there really a price tag to a human being?
The violent acts of some people makes one wonder whether or not perpetrators of the acts have any conscience. Life is a journey, some people attain their goals earlier in life than others. What is important is to take those baby steps as you start the journey and achieve your goals in an honest manner.
Hard work comes with sacrifice and I am not suggesting sacrificing your fellow human beings but certain aspects of one’s life have to suffer. In no time, you will get there as long as you persevere.
I could also compare it to differences among people where some fail to stomach that other people do not believe in their opinions and end up using force. The logical thing to do is to talk that person into understanding your point of view and not turn violent.
I may sound like a broken record but I will still emphasise that as we walk this year of 2018, let us up hold love and peace.
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