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Let’s unite, fight gender issues

THE District Development Co-ordinating Committee (DDCC) in Chongwe district has urged organisations dealing in gender issues to unite and fight the increasing cases of gender-based violence (GBV), child neglect and underage pregnancies in the district.
Gender sub-committee chairperson and district administrative officer Musole Siachisa made the call recently during the DDCC meeting, when he presented a report for the first quarter of 2015.
Mr Siachisa said cases of GBV, child neglect and underage pregnancies are on the increase, adding that there is need to put-up a strong fight to end the vices.
He said since January this year, the district has recorded 397 underage pregnancies, 88 GBV cases, and 49 child neglect cases.
Mr Siachisa said there is need for various stakeholders dealing with gender-related issues to unite and work as a team if the fight against all forms of abuses is to be won.
The sub-committee also observed that the major obstacle is lack of unity among the major stakeholders in the district.

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