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Let’s talk less, work more

LUSAKA Zambia.

EVERY nation, including Zambia, desires to be fully developed so that its citizens live comfortably.
However, for a nation to develop, its citizens must contribute meaningfully no matter their status in society.
American businessman and president of Stride Rite Foundation, Arnold Hiatt, once said “Our nation will succeed or fail to the degree that all of us – citizens and businesses alike – are active participants in building strong, sustainable and enriching communities.”
Certainly, the failure of a nation cannot be de-linked from the failure of its citizens collectively.
Citizens must therefore understand that whatever they do with their lives at individual level has a bearing on the country as a whole.
Sadly, there are so many citizens in Zambia who do not understand that they have a role to play in their personal and national development.
Many view Government as the cause and solution to every challenge they go through.
And because many do not see themselves as part of the solution to the challenges that they and the country face, they have resorted to lamentations.
It is for this reason President Lungu is urging Zambians to stop the culture of complaining about economic challenges but work hard to reduce poverty at household level.
The Head of State said, and rightly so, that it is not in the country’s interests for citizens to always complain and blame Government for their self-inflicted woes.
“Zambians should stop complaining about poverty. We need to work hard to come out of the bondage of poverty by using our knowledge to create wealth and jobs,” President Lungu said.
It is acknowledged that Government has an obligation to provide a conducive environment through which citizens can thrive.
However, citizens, too, have a responsibility to generate ideas that can create wealth and alleviate poverty.
While some are making it, others are not, yet operating under the same economic environment.
The difference perhaps is while many are talking, others are working hard transforming their lives, families, communities and the nation as a whole.
This is why the head of State is saying, instead of wasting energy and precious time on complaints which do not yield any results, Zambians must devote themselves to hard work.
President Lungu recently commissioned a cooking oil production plant in Mambwe district owned by a local female entrepreneur, Misozi Kadewele.
Through the MISSOIL processing plant which makes cooking oil from sunflower, Ms Kadewele has already created 50 jobs for local people.
There are other citizens working as hard as Ms Kadewele, but there is need for more people to embrace this progressive mindset.
There is need for more Zambians to explore their potential by taking advantage of enormous investment opportunities in the various sectors of the economy.
Even as we call on citizens to jump on the bandwagon to generate ideas for wealth creation, we expect financial institutions to ensure easy access to cheap finance.
Financial institutions should also be seen to support individuals with great ideas and yet incapacitated by lack of funding.
It is commendable that Government is already working to support local entreprenuers through implementation of sound economic and legal policies to enable them to make significant contribution to national development.
Instead of complaining, Zambians should take advantage of the good economic policies and empowerment programmes to reduce poverty at household level and contribute to national development.
Given the prevalent poverty levels in the country, let’s talk less and work more.

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