Letter to the Editor

Let’s take pride in our environments

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to use your platform to urge all people to take part in the cleaning exercise taking place every last Saturday of the month.
I attended one such event in Lusaka recently and must admit I was a bit disappointed when residents did not join in enthusiastically when the delegation came to help with the cleaning of the township.
I found the lukewarm reception very disappointing and got the impression that the residents felt it was not their responsibility to clean public places such as markets and roadside spaces.
This is a poor attitude if we have dreams of making our country disease-free and in the best sanitary condition possible.
Zambia is a very beautiful country and can be a magnet for tourism in every sector if every individual takes time to create the best environment around them.
A beautiful, clean environment is not only pleasing to the sight, but attractive to visitors who in turn will become potential customers.
Let every Zambian remember their responsibility to making their environment clean, safe and attractive.

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