Let’s take interest in national events

CONRAD Chikweto.

THE excitement, entertainment, the people and the environment itself, are among the numerous reasons why we need to keep on frequenting public events.Whether it is a harvest festival, a religious holiday, or any exhibition, people need to have a reason for taking part in any of such local and international events.
It is not just about entertainment and the excitement; events like the Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) and the Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show are among events of significant importance.
The main purpose of having events or shows is to advertise, educate, interact, and in most cases, strengthen the relationship between the business world and the communities.
Parents and guardians should take keen interest in ensuring that children attend such national gatherings. It is through events like the trade fair that kids soak up a good perception about the role of family, the values of parents and importance of national history in their lives as they grow up.
Participating in national events, especially for students, shouldn’t be an option but a way of living as they adapt to a new global culture while preserving national and traditional heritage.
It is shows and exhibitions which help us pass on stories and memories we create in the future.
ZITF is an annual event used by business and industry owners to showcase products and services offered; the main aim is to promote trade and investment in the country.
This is a platform most companies use to advertise and interact in real time with consumers and investors.
Consumers and aspiring young entrepreneurs get a rare opportunity to meet business owners and to ask pertinent questions.
The Zambia Agriculture and Commercial Show, on the other hand, is an international exhibition of agricultural produce, equipment and agro-processed goods. It is an annual event held in August in Lusaka which attracts large numbers of local and foreign exhibitors.
The Agricultural and Commercial Show Society of Zambia has a rich history spanning over 90 years of hosting annual exhibitions for business houses and farmers.
Trade fairs and agriculture shows should be an amazing opportunity for young entrepreneurs as they pursue dreams and ambitions to reach the top.
There is just so much to see and absorb at these events. Attending such events can help us learn more about where we are coming from, how far we have gone and where we are heading in terms of agriculture, business, infrastructure and technology.
Let us utilise national events and keep them alive by attending, as they provide us good platforms for any kind of updates we need in the country and world at large.
The author is Zambia Daily Mail assistant online editor.

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